How KP-One helps you

KP-One allows to focus on mandatory activities for
a true IT financial management
These activities go far beyond standard IT budgeting process to encompass strategic expense planning along with project and supplier management activities.
IT financial management goal is to align IT and business and to help IT department being a strategic business partner.
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Some activities are essential to align IT with business and make value-based decisions on IT services management.
KP-One not only enables these activities but automates them:
  • Automated cost capture and structure
  • Contextual benchmarking
  • Budget and forecast
  • Performance metrics such as TCO and ROI
  • Automated services pricing
  • Project financial management
  • Reporting and dashboard
KP-One provides CIOs, operational managers and executive management with the opportunity to assess IT financial performance. KP-One helps with managing IT activities and providing financial transparency requested at enterprise level to remain competitive.

KP-One provides synchronized P&L and Cash Out views whatever the analyzed perimeter might be.

These processes being automated by KP-One, CIOs and operational management are able at any time to:
  • Make sure that delivered services brings forecasted benefits during their entire lifecycle.
  • Optimize IT cost and prove Information System value.
  • Monitor projects execution instantly, check their business case and track their benefit.
  • Demonstrate Information System contribution to business objectives achievement to executive management.
KP-One helps IT department with showing back IT services cost to its client as well as demonstrating IT investments financial impact on day-to-day operations. Finally, IT department is seen more financially responsible and improves credibility.

Get further with KP-One: Benchmarking

KP-One Knowledge Base provides a KPI repository automating an industry enterprise or end user specific IT usage rate benchmarking.

CIO, Business Managers, CFO, Financial Controlling, purchasing department, all of them have an instant and understandable view of IT budget.

KP-One is a collaborative platform. KP-One is the unprecedented software that shows what IT budgets are made of in terms of technology, cost, acquisition, investment and convert them into project ROI, services chargeback and financial impact on cash out, charge and amortization.
Whatever each stakeholder need might be, KP-One provides him with all necessary information related to his activity and his own business criteria: technical and/or financial view, by line of business and/ or geography. Only a comprehensive solution connecting organization, technical and financial data can deliver reliable information.
Technical teams benefit from an unprecedented level of detail and executive management from strategic financial data. Company can measure IT assets value whether they stem from investments or delivered services.
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