Connect your technology cost to your business objectives
Key Performance One is the only SaaS solution allowing organizations to share the same IT financial metrics for Total Cost of Ownership and Total Value of Ownership (TCO-TVO)
Key Performance One is the first software solution able to bring together, plan and connect digital expenses and investments
Key Performance One ranks in Gartner « IT Financial & Business Management » ITFM-ITBM Market Guide Top 5 solutions
Key Performance One is the only solution based on a fully integrated IT business algorithm relying on a unique data model
Key Performance One, thanks to its unprecedented architecture, ensures an end-to-end data aggregation and structuration as well as its lifecycle
Key Performance One adapts to enterprise and government organizations by identifying IT services producers and consumers
Key Performance One is the only SaaS solution allowing organizations to share the same IT financial metrics for Total Cost of Ownership and Total Value of Ownership (TCO-TVO)
Key Performance One is the first software solution able to bring together, plan and connect digital expenses and investments
Are you today in a position to identify what proportion of digital/technology expense is included in your products and/or services and what it will be tomorrow to achieve business goals?


Turn your technology data into

business indicators
KP-One allows you to reduce, in a sustainable manner, your digital cost to its real usage ratio and to align your technology investments with business strategic needs.

Plan your expense,

compare, analyze,


Your IT budgets become predictable since KP-One computes them from your real fixed and variable costs.
You monitor expense and budget instantly. You can simulate your next years' budget and compare them with previous fiscal years.

Capture and manage precisely

total cost of your

IT services


KP-One cost driver centric unprecedented model allows you to match all technology resources with all their cost types

KP-One computes specific service TCO from all cost drivers attached to each technology resource.

Benefit from an instant P&L and Cash Out outlook whatever the budget or investment project analyzed might be

KP-One is fully dedicated to IT financial management and IT governance allowing you to bring all financial and technology decision makers together.

KP-One allows you to make fact-based decisions relying on synchronized Cash Out and P&L outlooks whatever the analyzed or simulated perimeter might be.

Build your own Service Catalogs

and chargeback

your internal customers

with full transparency

KP-One computes real Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for each service consumer/ user.
KP-One assists you with building specific Services Catalogs, work units and contextual KPIs.

KP-One automates delivered services chargeback to consumers.

Build your alternative scenarios and get your digital transformation project ROI and Payback

With KP-One, you monitor your digital investment portfolio and project benefit tracking along with their impact on recurring maintenance operations.

KP-One computes your digital transformation project business case for you by comparing initial and target total cost of operation. You can anticipate on technology obsolescence and related additional costs.
Your costs become
The focus on digital investment stems from the need for gaining market intelligence and technology powerful offerings. Corporations are focusing on data acquisition and processing that are enabled by Cloud computing mature offerings.

How KP-One helps you with

managing Cloud services

KP-One helps you with managing Cloud services expense thanks to its unprecedented seamless data model.
KP-One computes multi-axis KPIs, so you do not miss a thing:


KP-One records acquisition price, work units' cost and computes total cost (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) allowing to analyze and understand overwhelming Cloud services invoices.


KP-One logs work units' cost, volumes and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) overtime. KP-One records work units, and volumes variations.


KP-One computes Cloud service total cost and records variance to compute Total Value of Ownership (TVO).


KP-One records market KPIs to allow you to compare with Cloud most appropriate usage rate according to instant best price.


With KP-One, you can compare an internal scenario with a Cloud adoption scenario designed with your specific volumes. This comparison allows you to compute transformation project ROI and to tell if Cloud flexibility has a relevant cost in your context.

KP-One allows you to choose between « Make or Buy » scenarios.

With KP-One, this analysis is not limited to Cloud services and can be extended to any internal/ external service.
KP-One allows IT, Financial, Purchasing and Business Departments to have a shared and reliable understanding of technology expense along with its impact on enterprise delivered service.

Decision making is eased, implementation is on track and ROI is auditable.

KP-One provides IT teams with a unified level of detail unprecedented in other solutions and executive management with strategic financial data. IT assets value, whether they are investments or delivered services, can be instantly analyzed. KP-One provides all mandatory features for budget deviation monitoring, technology cost structure analysis and digital transformation investments impact calculation.
A shared multi-year budget outlook is provided(past or future), available on both Cash Out and P&L, contextual KPIs are computed, benchmark is enabled, alternative scenarios are included as well as the entire project portfolio.
KP-One bring all key stakeholders together
involved in enterprise digital transformation
Data aggregation
Cost modeling
Cost allocation
Detailed analysis
Cost capture and
cost structure
Budget and forecast
Services pricing model
Reporting and dashboard
Project financial management

KP-One standard repository stands for the single data source for 

the collaborative analysis platform which

turns your technical and financial data into business KPIs.

Detailed KP-One analysis of your critical perimeters allows you to identify structural and sustainable savings with an order of magnitude between 15%-20% as soon as implemented.
Field feedback shows a 36% productivity increase of IT financial management processes.
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