ProductWhy choose KP-One

If your intent is to:

1. Sustainably decrease cost to their real usage rate
2. Follow-up budget, build reliable forecast and simulate next fiscal year budget
3. Improve IT services performance by combining business and IT vision
4. Position IT at the core of enterprise digital transformation thanks to an efficient project financial management and benefit tracking
5. Improve management and governance of outsourcing and Cloud supplier contracts
6. Get Cost of Ownership / Services Total Cost (TCO)
7. Chargeback IT cost and IT services with full transparency in a way that consumers can understand

Will you attempt to develop a method, best practice or a tool to process all these activities?

For each technical domain? Per business line? Per project or program (Services platforms, business applications, IoT…)?

Will you increase IT budget controlling process complexity and rise its cost?

Expand data sources? Try to reconciliate a fragmented view of your technical resources, contracts, services and projects? Chargeback services with technical allocation keys?

KP-One brings the answer


Whatever the activity you are focusing on (budget follow-up, services chargeback, Cloud provider governance…), KP-One innovating model will assist you.


All IT cost components are collected, organized and structured in KP-One to provide a comprehensive IT cost transparency.


Budget deviations and inconsistencies are wiped out or can be quickly analyzed leveraging the level of detail embedded in KP-One.


Based on reliable, organized and consistent data, all KP-One features help you with processing your ITFM-ITBM activities in a transparent and consistent manner.
Upfront data upload when building your repository, as well as during data lifecycle, is automated and secured.
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