ProductWhen to start with KP-One?
KP- One adoption by SMB and fortune 500 companies was triggered by following context change:
  • Need to improve large outsourcing contracts predictability and productivity
  • Provide Public/ Private Cloud migration projects efficiency analysis (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • Forecast future shared services cost that are superseding existing IT local organizations
  • Build service catalogs to charge back business entities
  • Business activities carve out or integration
In addition, in order to benefit from IT financial management process improvement and get a consistent technology usage target for business by:
  • Parallelizing current and target mode of operation to avoid drift
  • Anticipating technology obsolescence and related cost
  • Getting a benchmark to manage contracts and purchase
  • Addressing lack of new expenses predictability (OPEX) incurred by new projects to depreciate (CAPEX)
  • Synchronizing Cash Out and P&L outlooks
  • Avoiding hidden cost of shadow IT
  • Anticipating on consolidation project cost avoidance
  • Sharing same budget perimeter and content I a collaborative mode with the same data repository (SaaS)
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