ProductAn unprecedented data model

KP-One accelerates IT financial information and enhances its reliability

by connecting continuously technology cost to delivered services

KP-One is an unprecedented software solution fully dedicated to IT financial management and IT governance.
KP-One conception was driven the requirement of creating a single data model which core is based on cost driver allowing to connect all technology resources and value them.
This unprecedented data model along with KP-One structure based on IT business rules ensure technology valuation data consistency and processes automation.

Processes are automated.

Analysis, synchronized between cash out and P&L views, favor dialog between all enterprise technology and financial decision makers. Every stakeholder can analyze investments stake with the same budget perimeter.
KP-One is the key that connects enterprise deployed technology with service performance and its impact on risks and finance.
KP-One is listed in Gartner Market Guide among the 5 comprehensive solutions for IT Financial Management.
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