ProductA standard repository
KP- One embeds a standard IT cost repository for all IT expenses
that can adapt to your expense breakdown
Based on an unprecedented IT standard comprehensive repository, KP-One brings all technical data included in a budget perimeter together and combine them according to financial rules with 3 major dimensions:

1. Organization

Identifies IT services producers and IT services consumers entities

2. Cost drivers

Gather all cost flavor attached to one piece of technology

3. Finance

Computes cash out and P&L impact

KP-One automates continuously IT Financial Management processes in an organized and reliable manner and adapts them to enterprise organization whatever its activity or geographical spread.
Technical data of Run and Project activities are assembled with financial data in a single consistent durable database using IT business rules automation.
KP-One is a collaborative platform delivered in SaaS mode allowing to accelerate IT budget construction, to enhance its reliability and to share information between all enterprise stakeholders.
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