About us
ACCIOD was created in 2007 to offer a unique approach to optimize IT resources and align them with enterprise business needs.
Leveraging its track record in complex projects with strong challenge such as IT organizations carve out, transformation projects, recurring infrastructure cost optimization (Capex) and incurred operation costs (Opex), selective sourcing, ACCIOD launched an ambitious R&D program in 2009.
R&D program objective: invent an integrated and automated tool that perfectly fits to enterprise organization, that combines features to compute technology economic value, that provides operating and investments expenses predictability and value to match enterprise goals.
ACCIOD created KP-One, first software solution based on an unprecedented data model allowing to connect technology cost to delivered services value in order to measure their impact on enterprise business. Doing so, KP-One positions on the emerging Technology Business Management market.
KP-One was adopted as soon as released by French CAC40 digital champion and manages today complex IT budgets in global organizations.
KP-One ranks in Gartner « IT Financial & Business Management » ITFM-ITBM Market Guide Top 5 comprehensive solutions.
Our analyst team assist you with implementing KP-One on your critical perimeters.
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